New Paintings

Your Lies (2014) Acrylic on canvas

your lies
























Into Her Fall All the Men that Yahweh Hates (2015) Acrylic on canvas

into which fall all the men that Yahweh hates


New Video

Brief from artist was ‘rippling, nauseating”

This video comprises 3 shots manipulated through various fcp manglers.

It has been described as disgusting but for me it was quite affirmative and spiritual to make.


Invitation to My Demon Sister

This is a little short on the theme of the female gaze. It’s a tribute to those wonderful queer experimentalists Kenneth Anger and Derek Jarman, who were never afraid of low budget camp and overt self-indulgence. Those films are studded with loving gazes at the beautiful male form and gorgeous oneiric set pieces. So this is my take on it- it’s about women looking at women in unabashed adoration . I wanted to make images without censoring myself, indulge my inner child and allow myself to be silly and dream. It’s come out looking a bit like a twisted kids’ TV show and it’s totally pretentious. Sometimes you just have to allow yourself to get immersed in the image. I made this in about a week and I think it’s a sketch for something much bigger.


Jellyfish are increasing



Photo 156

Photo 155


Temporarily Godless

Photo 147

Photo 145

Photo 148


Notes from Apocalypse

Planning a big painting, possibly on some doors I just saw in a skip. Also will feature subterranean giant chameleons and a lot of skeletons.

Picture 43

Picture 44

Picture 45

Picture 46

Picture 47

Picture 48

Picture 49

Picture 50

Picture 51

Picture 52

Picture 53

Picture 54

Picture 55

Picture 57

Photo on 22-05-2014 at 01.31 #2monkeys 1

Photo on 22-05-2014 at 01.29monkeys 1-2

Photo on 22-05-2014 at 01.31monkeys 1

Photo on 22-05-2014 at 01.30monkeys 1-2






Everything’s Great!

A belated ad for the group exhibition Everything’s Great! featuring Louise Woodcock, Jennifer Mcdonald, Gary Fisher and me. Situation at The Hive gallery in the Wheatsheaf shopping centre, Rochdale, the show has already reached a wide and varied audience, from regular gallery-goers to very confused shoppers. The work was made largely in response to the space and its location. A bright, tacky aesthetic, undercut by an underlying tone of darkness and deviance makes for a ‘shopping experience’ that (from reading visitor’s comments) both amuses and unsettles. On until March 6th.
Photos here are by Klaus-dieter Michel.
Matt Dalby has reviewed the show, in his usual hyperactive style, here.


Look and Listen…

music is sound, sound is art, when artists play sound as music, it sometimes sounds like:


Dolls house burning